Matthew Cruz Evans

Matthew Cruz Evans

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The Platoon of General Boomer

Fiery drill sergeant General Boomer gives his soldiers a stern lecture about warfare, while putting what he says into practice.
I wrote & directed this film during my first year of university, right as we were coming out of lockdown. Being able to work alongside others as a crew was an invaluable experience that helped serve to discover and refine the team-related skills that I continue to utilize to this day.

May 27, 2021

The Code

June 17, 2023

A buyer seeking to purchase some drugs has to prove his trustworthiness by presenting an overly-complicated secret code. The Code was made for the BFI's short film festival in 2019, and although it wasn't chosen amongst the hundreds of other submissions, it was a fun exercise in constructing a film that needed to be a minute and a half long. It also trained me in planning choreographed scenes, and then translating them from storyboard to film.

A Fine Taste for Blood

May 26, 2022

Young student Sally infiltrates a secret society of sophisticated cannibals with the intention to expose them, but she soon realizes the danger she is in and must play along. I wrote various drafts for this short, and then aided as assistant director once the final draft was settled on. I also had the opportunity to express my creativity through the props, which I was in charge of. The overall experience helped me obtain a better grasp on budgeting, and acting quickly under pressure when unforeseen complications arose.

General Boomer vs the Piñata Men

July 28, 2021

General Boomer embark on a quest to find the illusive Piñata men- after finding them, an epic battle ensues. Made in Mexico over the summer holiday, and with the help of two friends, a lot of film this was built around a single idea- General Boomer fighting piñatas, so a lot of shots and lines of dialogue were conceived on the spot. The shoot was an excellent way of exercising my improvisation skills, and helped further build my communication skills, as I had to explain my vision to my friends who were no film experts.


Here is a collection of some of my best films, including university made projects, film festival submissions, and films made purely out of fun and passion.

Costume and prop making is a large passion of mine, so I've included the best examples of prior costumes & props that I have made in the past few years.

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Ashton Court: Heritage

January 28, 2020

Dating back 800 years, Ashton Court: Heritages delves into the old mansion's past & present, to then determine its possible future. This short documentary was my final project during my third & last year of university. Worked on by a small team of four people (myself included), I directed the film, along with creating the visual effects, writing the script, and even narrating the film. The experience was incredibly hands-on, which helped me improve skills such as time management, and learn new ones such as sound editing.