Who is MATT?

Hi there! I am Matthew Cruz Evans, a third year student currently on his final year of acquiring his Film, Television, and Digital media degree at Bath Spa University.

Growing up in Mexico, I discovered my passion for film and costumes at a young age- six to be precise. My favourite pastime was creating short films of my toys with my dinky video camera, and crafting props & costumes of my favourite characters using whatever materials I could find. Now as an adult, I've further refined my creativity skills, which have helped me create various, more complex costumes and films.

With each project I take on, I always make it my goal to make the quality of the product my top priority- in fact its become a habit now, and its a principle I live by everyday. This need for quality has strengthened greatly over the years through experience and education, and I aim to continue strengthening this through my future endeavours.